P.G.R Ltd.has various crop specific (cotton,vegetable, paddy, sugarcane, Fruits, Spices, Isabgol, Cereal) formulations. These formulations has been devloped based on the P.G.R deficies in these crops.

P.G.R FRUIT SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION: It is recommendation to be used for Banana, Grapes, Mango, pear, Apple, Watermelon, Orenges, Lemon & all other fruits.


  • Increases the yield and quality of the crop
  • Increases seed set & fruits set
  • Helps in flower development and pollen germination
  • Helps in colour enhacement & increases shelf life of the produce
  • Increases the chlorophyll content in the leaves leading to higher photosynthetic rate
  • Increases soil micro flora and improves the health of the soil
  • Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides